Mobile Weekly Wrap: Apple vs Samsung, Android’s malware mess

Samsung versus Apple

It’s almost always a busy week in the ever-changing world of mobile, with news rolling out faster than Android updates. It’s easy for a few stories to slip through the cracks. Whether you couldn’t refresh your RSS feeds fast enough to catch it all or you just finally finished thawing yourself from a cryogenic nap induced to survive the heat waves, we’ve collected all of that’s worth noting from the week that was August 12 through 17, 2012. Enjoy!

News Wrap Up

The portable product world can be a crazy place. Apple and Samsung might as well place a joint patent the concept of feuding, because it’s clear they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It’s been so unbearably bad, the judge on the case has openly urged the two companies to settle their differences. She’s also accused Apple’s legal team of hitting the crack pipe a little too hard after they announced their intentions of calling 22 witnesses to the stand, so we assume she’d like Apple and Samsung to find peace for her own sanity as well as the good of the companies. 

While Apple and Samsung continue to barrage one another with verbal bullets in the court room, it looks like Android that is the true Wild West of mobile operating systems. According to reports from security software developer Kaspersky Lab, the amount of malware making its way onto Android devices increased by threefold over Q2 of 2012. Now would be a good time to get yourself some protection.

Apps and Games of the Week

No matter what your mobile device of choice is, sifting through the app market on a daily basis can be difficult. Most of the time it feels like cleaning out a cat’s litter box–even when you get rid of all the non-essentials, most of the time you’re left with…well, you know. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a few gems to be found.

Food Network On the Road (Free, iOS) – Entering the ever competitive world of food recommendations comes the television juggernaut Food Network. Get suggestions from your favorite on-air personalities for the best food stops wherever you may be.

Postcard (Free, iOS) – It’s always more exciting to get a piece of physical mail than an email–assuming it’s not a bill. Fill your friends’ mailboxes with personalized postcards made on your iOS device but manifested physically.

WWE (Free, iOS/Android) – Do you smell what this app is cooking? Get all the latest updates on your favorite wrestlers, including exclusive content during Monday Night Raw broadcasts.

Dunkin’ Donuts (Free, iPhone/Android) – If you’re barely awake enough to pay for your coffee and donuts in the morning, this app is for you. Pay right from the app and pick up your order hassle free.

PDF Note Taker ($3, iPad) – Whether you type out your notes or prefer to handwrite them, this app will convert them into attractive, easy to open PDFs.

Pinterest (Free, iOS/Android) – The online pin board phenomena is now mobile. Take Pinterest with you and keep the pinning coming not matter where you are.

Notification Ad-Blocking (Free, Android) – For users of free versions of apps, the ad notification is an all too familiar event. Keep malicious ads from popping up with this personal pop-up blocker.

weekly mobile wrap up 8 18 2012 notification ad blocking

Tread of the Dead ($1, iOS) – There’s plenty of zombie games out there, so it takes a lot to stand out. This title puts a new tilt on stopping the undead.

Horn ($7, iOS) – This game may be published by Zynga, but it’s so unbelievably gorgeous that it’s sure to distract you from whatever moral dilemma you may have in the process of buying it.

Tavern Quest (Free, iOS/Android) – Love fictional, fantasy worlds with dragons? Love restaurant simulations? This game lets you play as a entrepreneurial dragon with his own tavern.