What wearing Google’s ‘Terminator glasses’ would really be like (video)


The inevitable Google Glasses parody video has arrived. Created by Tom Scott, a public speaker and technology evangelist, this video (below) shows just how ridiculous wearing what is more or less a smartphone for your face could be. For instance, if message notifications pop up in front of your eyes while you’re walking, chances are you’re going to run into something, or someone. The whole thing is just built for mishaps and high jinx, and the video serves as a funny splash of reality surrounding the concept of augmented reality glasses.

In case you’re just catching up with this story now: Google yesterday announced Project Glass, a venture to build “Terminator”-style augmented reality glasses. While we’ve been hearing about this mysterious project for months, the concept video (also below) released by Google seriously boosted our excitement about the next-generation mobile device. If the glasses work anywhere close to how they do in the video, we will be extremely impressed.

The glasses are still a long way from becoming a purchasable product, however. Google is asking that fans give their input about how the glasses should work, what features they should have, and how they should look. Perhaps making sure they don’t cause any of the problems displayed in Scott’s video would be a good place to start.

Scott’s parody video

Official Google Project Glass video