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White iPhone is in production, should launch in April

white iphone 4Yesterday reports that 64GB iPhone 4 models were cropping up in China’s gray market surfaced. Those same claims also revealed that legitimate the 16GB white iPhone 4 had made its Chinese debut and that they should be available to US consumers soon. Now Apple Insider is reporting that official production has begun on the infamous white iPhone and we can expect it to ship in April.

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Ku told the site that Apple has outfitted the GSM iPhone 4 with white paneling, and after making alternations to “solve the full-lamination problem that [was] the reason why white iPhone [were] delayed,” is beginning production. There are no plans for a CDMA white iPhone, according to the site, giving AT&T a small victory over its rival iPhone carrier.

With a white iPhone projected to debut next month, the launch of the the iPad 2 this Friday, and the upgraded version due in June, Apple sales could skyrocket. Which also begs the question: How many true Apple junkies would spring for the white model with the iPhone 5 just beyond their reach? But it takes all kinds, and we’re sure there are iOS fanboys so hungry for the formerly forbidden fruit that they’ll scoop it up, no questions asked.

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