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Will your iPhone 13 case fit the iPhone 14?

If you’ve decided to buy the iPhone 14, it’s likely you will also need a solid case to keep your new device safe. Even though all of the iPhone 14 models feature a durable Ceramic Shield front cover to keep your device safe, it may not be enough to protect your phone from heavy impacts, long drops, and constant scratches.

We’ve already done the hard work and rounded up the best iPhone 14 cases available in the market right now, and we’ve also given you a guide to the best iPhone 14 screen protectors for extra security, as well as guides for each of the other new iPhones as well. But maybe you’re wondering, “Do I really have to spend money on a new case after buying an $800 iPhone?” or “Can’t I just use my iPhone 13 case?” 

We feel you. But the short answer is: for some models. Here’s the longer answer. 

Will the iPhone 13 case fit the iPhone 14 device?

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 look quite similar, and the specs are pretty close in terms of size and dimensions, so it’s possible the two devices can share a case. The iPhone 14 is slightly thicker than its predecessor, but the overall differences are minor enough that the iPhone 13 case is likely to be functional enough for your new iPhone 14 model. Some manufacturers are already selling a common case for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, so if you’re migrating from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14, you can keep the old case. Of course, if you feel the fit isn’t good enough, you can always invest in a new case. 

Will the iPhone 13 Pro case fit iPhone 14 Pro?

iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe Lilac color.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Unfortunately, the hardware of the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro is significantly different, so the two devices can’t share a case. The iPhone 14 Pro has a bigger camera and new button placements that a iPhone 13 Pro case can’t accommodate, so if you’re buying the iPhone 14 Pro, a new case is a required investment.

Will the iPhone 13 Pro Max case fit iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus?

An iPhone 13 Pro Max case won’t fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus models considering their different structures. The iPhone 14 Pro Max boasts a bigger camera and different button placements, so the old case simply won’t fit. Here, buying a new case would be much better. If you’re opting for the iPhone 14 Plus, you’ll need to buy a completely new case anyway, because this is a new model, and none of the older cases will fit perfectly. 

Will the iPhone 14 case fit other iPhone 14 models?

Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe in Lilac.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Just because they launched together doesn’t mean they can share a case. Because of their different structures, you can’t use the case of one iPhone 14 model for other iPhone 14 models. The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro have 6.1-inch displays while the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max have 6.7-inch displays. The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max also feature an additional camera lens, making their hardware different from other iPhones in this range. These differences will make it hard to use the same case for different iPhone 14 models, so we recommend investing in a new case for each new iPhone you purchase, considering it’ll offer effective protection for a fraction of the price.

Whatever budget you come with, you can find several high-quality cases from brands like Apple, Spigen, Ringke, Otterbox, Speck, and many others in our best cases roundups, such as the best cases for the iPhone 14, best cases for the iPhone 14 Plus, best cases for the iPhone 14 Pro, and the best cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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