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More bans roll in for the selfie stick, now Wimbledon tennis championships says ‘no’

Selfie stick
The selfie stick is picking up bans left, right and center these days, making it perhaps the most unloved tech accessory of all time as far as tourist sites and sports events are concerned.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the latest high-profile venue to slap a ban on the smartphone-wielding extendable pole. Speaking to the Sunday Times, a spokesperson for the event said the decision to prohibit use of the stick was taken because of its “nuisance value” and to stop it interfering with spectators’ enjoyment of the event.

A recently released guide [pdf] for those with tickets for the prestigious tennis contest, which kicks off at the end of June, says, “In common with many other sports and entertainment events, The Championships will not allow selfie sticks into the grounds.”selfie stick ban

The organizing committee has even taken the time to design a little selfie-stick-ban symbol (pictured) to remind enthusiastic owners of the gadget to leave it in their bag and use their extendable arm instead.

The move by Wimbledon’s organizers to forbid use of the stick follows similar action taken by popular tourist venues around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the National Gallery in Washington DC, and the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The Palace of Versailles near Paris also prohibits use of the retractable metal rod, as do a number of arenas and stadiums in Australia.

As the bans roll in thick and fast, the much-maligned selfie stick looks set to spend an increasing amount of time packed away in bags rather than towering over the heads of grinning groups of friends, a reality that’s actually likely to please many.

[Image: Paula Funnell]

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