You won’t believe what this woman just named her baby

woman has baby boy in back of uber car names him

Picture the scene. A woman goes into labor at home, but repeated emergency calls for an ambulance go unanswered. In desperation, she calls an Uber to get her and two friends to the nearest hospital.

On the way there, the baby, who by all indications will grow up to be an impatient type, decides he wants to be born there and then rather than wait for the car to reach the hospital.

Doing what hopefully anyone would do in such a situation, driver Babli Shahnawaz bounced into action and heroically helped to safely deliver a healthy baby boy.

Now, here’s the interesting part. So joyful was the mother at the driver’s help that she decided to call her baby “Uber.”

Apparently unruffled by the fact that the new mother chose to ignore his own name as an ideal choice for her newborn son, Babli described the incident, which happened in Delhi last Thursday, as one of the happiest moments of his life.

“The woman was writhing in pain and her friends didn’t know what to do,” Babli told the Times of India. “I pulled out the towels from the seats and poured some drinking water into a bowl. The child was born within minutes and I was really happy to see that he was responding.”

Uber’s parents invited Babli to a special ceremony last weekend to officially name the baby.

Always on the lookout for new ways to expand its business, we’re wondering if the unusual event might inspire the ride-hailing company to add “UberMidwife” to its growing list of services. Now that would be something.