World’s First Text Messaging Communicator

The world’s first two-way Text Messaging Communicator – allowing kids of all ages to send text and voice messages without incurring any service charges – is being introduced here at the ConsumerElectronics Show by BellSouth Products (booth #9826).  The compact unit comes complete with a belt clip for maximum mobility and is perfect for connecting parents with their children,tweens and teenagers with their friends, and thrill-seekers with each other on the slopes or on the trail.

“Having a device that allows friends and family to text each other without incurring any per message charges is the logical next step in personal communications,” said Jonathan B. Spira, CEO and chief analyst at Basex®, a research company that tracks mobility.

Other features include voice activation (VOX), backlit LCD display, call alert, automatic squelch and power save, channel monitor and channel scan technology.

“BellSouth Products’ new Text Messaging Communicator was developed in response to requests by our customers for an advanced personal communication device to help them stay in touch,” said David Rose, executive sales manager, U.S. Electronics, exclusive distributor of the BellSouth Products line. “The two-way text/voice messaging communicator represents a new product niche – a non-cellular personal communications device offering voice and text messaging.”

The text/voice messaging communicator will be available in the second quarter of 2004 and sold through most major mass market retailers and other distribution channels.