Xperia Z1 spec and Smart Lens accessories leak ahead of official reveal

Xperia Z1 G Lens Teaser

Later today, Sony will reveal the Xperia Z1 smartphone, which we also know as the Sony i1 and Honami, at a press conference in Berlin. We’ve been treated to a number of leaks regarding the Xperia Z1 for the past few months, and despite the official reveal being just hours away, they haven’t stopped. A copy of the press release has been published by XperiaBlog, giving us almost all we need to know, but more interestingly, an official-looking video showing the Smart Lenses in action has also appeared.

We’ll start with the video, which you can see below, as it’s really exciting. We’re introduced to the DSC-QX100 and QX10, both of which look like lenses you’d attach to a regular DSLR camera. Except they’re not, they’re actual cameras that can either be attached to the rear of your smartphone, so the screen becomes the viewfinder, or used free hand.

This looks really intriguing in the video, as after pairing the lens and phone together – using both NFC and Bluetooth, we’d imagine – the phone continues to act as the viewfinder and control system, even if you’re holding the lens in your other hand. No, it’s not for every situation, but think about being at an event where you want to take a picture over the top of people’s heads. No more guessing if you’ve got the shot.

As for the Xperia Z1, the leaks were almost correct. The screen is going to measure 5-inches and have a 1080p resolution, making it the same as the Xperia Z and not closer to the Xperia Z Ultra as some rumors stated. The processor is a Snapdragon 800 with 2GB of RAM, plus the camera uses Sony’s G Lens technology and has 20.7-megapixels.

Sony has also water and dust proofed the Xperia Z1, the latter of which is being advertised in an odd way at the IFA tech show. You can see another video below, where wetsuit-clad gymnasts are diving around in what looks like a big cup (yes, really) with the phone. It’s weird, a bit exploitative, and their stunts sometimes look a bit dangerous. Bizarre all round.

Sony’s press conference, where the Xperia Z1 will be officially unveiled, is set for late afternoon local time in Berlin, and we’ll bring you all the news as it happens.