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Truly Waterproof: Xperia Z2 survives under the sea for six weeks

xperia z2 survives six weeks on seabed sony sea
If you drop your smartphone down a toilet and it somehow takes you six weeks to realize, rest assured that if it’s an Xperia Z2, it’ll be just fine (though you may want to disinfect it, of course).

How do we know this? Well, according to news out of Sweden this week, Sony’s flagship handset recently survived a six-week stay on a seabed at a depth of more than 10 meters.

Sony has made much of the Z2’s waterproof construction, but according to its own marketing material, any submersion should last no longer than 30 minutes and involve freshwater no deeper than 1.5 meters.

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According to Swedish media, Sony’s seemingly ultra-durable phone ended up at the bottom of the ocean after being dropped by Alexander Maxén as he was out water-skiing with a friend in Gottskär, about 250 miles west of Stockholm. A preliminary search failed to locate his Xperia Z2, leading Maxén to believe he’d never see it again.

xperia z2

However, around six weeks later, Maxén’s friend stumbled across the Sony smartphone shimmering on the seabed while out scuba diving.

Not surprisingly, the handset wasn’t in particularly good shape – it was a little scratched up, and the back screen had shattered. But remarkably, after sticking the charger in, the device sprung into life, apparently proving that if you keep its seals well and truly sealed, the Xperia Z2 can apparently survive corrosive salt water, too. Maxén reports that his phone is still in good working order, though he says the battery doesn’t seem to last as long as it once did.

Since unveiling the phone earlier this year, the Japanese tech company has been touting the Z2 for its waterproof capabilities, drawing attention to its impressive IP rating of 58, meaning it’s good for placing in an array of water-filled locations, including swimming pools, baths, toilets, fish tanks, puddles, and, according to Alexander Maxén’s story, oceans, too.

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