Yo app being used to alert Israelis of incoming missile attacks

yo app used alert israelis incoming missile attacks red
Image: Twitter

Even though the premise of Yo – an app that sends “yo” to your friends – is not the most sound premise there is, but there’s no denying it’s being put to rather interesting uses. As The Times of Israel reports, two Israeli developers are using Yo! as a way for Israelis to receive alerts when a missile attack occurs in the country.

The alerts come through Yo users who subscribe to updates from Red Alert: Israel. Normally, Red Alert sends users detailed push notifications to users 15 seconds before rocket, mortar, and missile strikes occur. By partnering with Yo, Red Alert is able to expand its audience, since it can now be used wherever Yo! is supported.

Even so, Red Alert’s creators, Ari Sprung and Kobi Snir, are trying to figure out how to give the app maximum exposure. “We don’t charge for the app, and it’s supported strictly by donations, which somewhat limits us,” said Sprung. “More people than ever want to know what is going on in Israel in real time, and in our app, unfortunately, is necessary in order to spread that information.”

This partnership comes as Islamic militant group Hamas continued to fire rocket salvos deep into Israeli territory. With Hamas now having an estimated 5 million people in range of the group’s rockets, and the group having launched more than 160 rockets at Israel and Israel attacking more than 560 Hamas-linked sites since yesterday, Red Alert’s usage will surely increase in the near future.