See why you never, ever use makeup apps on babies

While many of us may have probably used a beautify setting on a selfie, or a few effects to smooth out skin, did you know there are apps to show how we’d look wearing full makeup? We’re sure they’re very helpful, and as we’ll find out, technically quite impressive; but they’re not for everyone. Really.

Want proof? Meet Gabriel. He’s seven months old, and very cute indeed. Except his mom, Fiona, who goes by the name Unicornreality on photo sharing site Imgur, has ruined all that – and our sleep for the next few days. She used an app called YouCam Makeup to change him from a normal, sweet little boy, to a nightmare-inducing human/doll hybrid, as imagined by Ru Paul and Liza Minelli.

Having gathered ourselves up after being taken aback by the, um, unusual looks created by the app; it’s interesting to note how impressive the results are. Give the pictures just a passing glance, and you could be fooled into thinking this is real make-up applied to poor Gabriel.

The photos have already prompted some copycat images to show up on Reddit, where various people have applied the same process to – what else – their cats. The results are odd, but not on the same level as baby Gabriel. One Reddit commenter portentously says, “I can see this becoming a sub-Reddit.” There’s something to look forward to.

The YouCam Makeup app is available for free on Android and iOS. Just don’t show us the results if you use it on your kid. One was quite enough.