You’ll soon be able to buy the NoPhone, a phone that isn’t a phone at all

youll soon able buy nophone phone isnt

The NoPhone is the most secure handheld device ever created. Not only does it not require upgrades, but it has no camera, no data connectivity, and it doesn’t make phone calls. If you thought such a joke couldn’t possibly come to fruition, then you’re partly right, as proven by the two failed Kickstarter campaigns for it. However, third time is indeed the charm for the folks behind NoPhone.

The inspiration behind the NoPhone is for a device to give you that physical “need” some might have to hold a phone without actually holding your phone. The NoPhone laughs at accidental drops on the concrete and in your toilet, and there’s no need to charge the NoPhone since it doesn’t really work, or have a battery to speak of.

Just because it’s pretty much useless as an actual device doesn’t mean the NoPhone lacks practical use. When strolling through dangerous areas, you can use it as a decoy device. You can fool people with it. You can even attach a mirror that will help enable real-time selfies.

Regardless of what you think about the NoPhone, it already surpassed its $5,000 goal, and with five days left to boot. You’ll need to pledge at least $12 to guarantee your NoPhone, which should be delivered this December.