Yutuzo mocks everything you love about social apps, for a good cause

yutuzoWe like a good social app as much as the next guy, but let’s face it: we’ve had it coming. The life-stream, check-in, photo sharing, seamless social services that are built on buzz words and trends alone do good business and entertain us endlessly, yet they are just so very easy to ridicule.

And Yutuzo is doing just that. The app (which, it says, does not support Apple, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or HP Palm operating systems) describes itself as a platform to “connect with friends you don’t like, take vintage photographs, read illiterately-authored comments, and much more.”

Apparently it includes features like scaring off ghosts, and is “hipster-optimized.” It even took five years and $50 million to build, you guys. And it’s still in beta, which we all know makes an app just that much more exciting, because then you get to go around saying “Oooh yeah I started using that when it was still in beta” once this thing really takes off.

yutuzo2If you give Yutuzo’s promo site a quick glance, you’ll believe it’s the real thing. It’s got all the right stuff, including the all-too-familiar iPhone demo graphic, bold icons with little text describing what it does, and a placement for an “outrageous, yet vague claim.” Of course on further inspection, you’ll realize this isn’t the next Insta-something – it’s a veiled disguise to promote the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Because the involved developers at Visual Idiot did such a good job hitting the nail on the head (and because it’s for a good cause, obviously), we’ll go ahead and say the RSPCA deserves the money it gets. Every link leads to a donation page for the animal charity, and here’s hoping the clever site nets them some serious contributions.