ZTE is teasing a colorful smartphone with a button to instantly take and share selfies

ZTE has taken the unusual step of confirming the existence of a leaked phone, and provided a few more details about the surprises it holds, ahead of its official announcement. The device was leaked in mid-April, and a few days later, ZTE reposted some of the images that were leaked, along with several new ones on its Facebook page.

The phone doesn’t have a name yet, but is referred to as a “fresh upcoming phone,” which will fit in the middle of ZTE’s line-up. However, the specs sound interesting. The device will have a 5-inch touchscreen with a 1080p resolution, and be powered by an unnamed octa-core processor, along with 2GB of RAM. This will put it slightly above the recently released ZTE Blade S6 in terms of screen size and resolution, and potentially with the same Snapdragon 615 chip inside.

That’s good news, because the Blade S6 is a great phone. The new device gets better too. A 13-megapixel camera will be fitted to the rear. See something under the camera lens? Speculation about a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor joined the leaks, but ZTE has said this is actually a special selfie button.

Apparently, a single click will take a selfie, add the best beautification effect, then automatically post it to your social network of choice. We’re not sure how selfie fans will react to the thought of an instantly shared picture, as they’ll need to put an awful lot of faith in ZTE’s filters to make them look their best.

ZTE’s keeping quiet about the rest of the mystery phone’s features, but says there could be more to come. We can see it’ll be available in a wide range of bright colors, and the body is reminiscent of Meizu’s recently announced M1 Note. ZTE hasn’t confirmed when the phone will be announced, but it could be very soon. We’ll keep you up to date with new developments right here.