Mother’s Day Activity Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and — despite your best intentions — you’ve yet to come up with a plan to celebrate Mom. Luckily, the good people at DT Deals rounded up a few ways to help you show your appreciation and plan a day Mom is sure to love. If you’re looking for a great gift, don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day Deal Gift Guide for inspiration.


Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with that said, Mother’s Day certainly gives Mom the right to hit the snooze button on this special occasion. Because of this, brunch is no doubt the perfect start to any Mother’s day, and an outing which also gives you a good excuse to avoid doing any dishes. When it comes to deciding where to brunch — no matter if it’s one of her favorite spots, or a fun new eatery — make sure to call ahead to clarify a restaurant’s hours, as well as if they take reservations. If the decision starts to give you fits, check out Groupon or Amazon Local for great deals on delicious eateries in your area. And if the kids really want to do the breakfast in bed thing, try to convince them coffee and “homemade” scones is the way to go.

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Museum or Garden

mothers_day_museumEven after brunch comes to an end, there’s still a day full of possibility ahead. Thankfully, a trip to the museum is a perfectly classy Mother’s Day activity, and a great trip for the whole family. Plus, who doesn’t like to marvel — or poke jokes — at art created five centuries ago. If classical art really isn’t your thing, check out a modern art or natural history museum. One of the best things about museums is the way technology integrates into the experience. For instance, many museums offer audio tours which visitors access right from their smartphone. Be sure to check your local museum’s website for hours, as well as the listings of any upcoming special events. If there’s not a museum in your area, a stroll around a local garden or park is the perfect way to enjoy the mild spring weather. You can even bring along a picnic if your family decides to skip the crowds at brunch.

Day at the Spa

Everybody deserves a vacation, but not everyone has the time to just drop what they’re doing and catch the next plane to paradise. Luckily, a day at the spa is one of the best ways for Mom to relax and rejuvenate without packing a suitcase. Treat Mom to a spa experience on Saturday, giving her the whole day to relax while still looking forward to an exciting Sunday — or gift a spa retreat capable for use anytime. If Mom doesn’t already have a favorite spa, check Groupon’s beauty and spa section or browse Amazon Local for great deals on spas in the recipient’s area. To really perfect this gift, create a gift basket full of spa worthy items like a plush robe, slippers, or even a face mask, so Mom won’t have to stop the pamper session when she heads home.

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Every mom loves a good story, especially the ones you provide about why you got home at two in the morning on a school night. Luckily, the movies provide just the right amount of entertainment on Mother’s Day without getting you into trouble. While there’s never a short supply of recently-released blockbusters, make sure to check-in with what Mom wants to see — even if this means you have to end up watching Cinderella. If Mom is an early riser, catch a matinee to save on admission and avoid the afternoon crowds; plus, this makes it easy to treat her to lunch after the flick. For an even better experience, check to see if your theater offers a rewards program which might earn points towards free tickets, or even concessions.

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FaceTime/ Skype Session

apple_facetimeNot everyone has the luxury of living close to their mom. For those who’ve established roots in other cities and can’t make it home for the weekend, technology is your lifesaver. Apps like FaceTime and Skype make it easy to get a great face-to-face conversation with Mom on her big day. Be sure to set aside some time for the call, and don’t forget to do a test run of the program if this is your mom’s first time using this kind of app. If your mom hasn’t yet jumped on the tech bandwagon, be sure to call her and thank her for everything she’s ever done for you. Or better yet, gift her an iPad so she has the ability to actually see her baby next year.

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Grocery Store

One of the best feelings in the world is opening the fridge and discovering it fully stocked. However, nobody actually loves going grocery shopping, despite what Mom’s weekly trips to the market led you to believe. Take one for the team and head to the market pre- or post- Mother’s Day activities. If you live near your Mom, take her along for the trip as she likely enjoys spending one-on-one time with her kid — and who knows, she may even let you in on a few of her secret recipes. While you’re at the grocery store, don’t forget to pick up the essentials (milk, eggs, apples, bananas, bread), in addition to a few of Mom’s household favorites. And if you’re feeling extra awesome, pick-up additional ingredients necessary to whip up a great dinner later in the week.