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Take a peek inside the $200K swag bag given to over-privileged 2016 Oscar nominees

Simply being nominated for an Academy Award is a huge honor, but it can’t be easy to leave the event without the iconic gold trophy. To soften the blow, marketing company Distinctive Assets offers a swag bag to every nominee in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director categories, regardless of whether they win or lose. Aptly called “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags, they contain a variety of gadgets and other goods and services worth over a whopping $200,000.

The contents of this year’s bags range from 12 months of Silvercar’s app-driven car rental service to customizable amenities from the Steamist Total Sense Home Spa Collection to lavish vacation packages with first class plane tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, and a private security escort. It’s not all high-ticket items, though; there are less expensive, everyday products as well, such as the Gleener On the Go travel fuzz remover and Mission1 Clean Protein bars. Distinctive Assets intentionally put together a mixed bag so that there would be something for everyone.

“Because the recipients have such diverse interests, we always strive to come up with an eclectic and diverse selection of items that will appeal to a broad range of individuals,” company founder Lash Fary told Digital Trends in an email.

3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como (,000)
3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como ($5,000)

Tech-loving recipients can look forward to a Noon Virtual Reality headset, an LG Tone Infinim Stereo headset, and the Krystal Klear Whole Home Water Filtration system. However, Fary thinks that the most “life-changing” item will be Phantom Glass, an impact- and scratch-resistant screen protector for mobile phones, cameras, and tablets. iPhone 6 and iPad users can also prevent people on either side of them from seeing what’s on the screen using a privacy line — always useful when you’re in the public eye.

The bags, which Distinctive Assets has independently produced for more than a decade, have been well-received over the years. “Celebrities are, surprising to some, incredibly gracious and appreciative when it comes to the gifts we give,” said Fary. “In my experience, celebs are just normal people when it comes to that childlike enthusiasm over receiving a gift.  In the past we have received many lovely thank you notes and phone calls from talent … and of course the greatest thank you of all is when they wear the items, visit the resorts and use the items we give them.”

And why wouldn’t they be grateful for and make use of their new swag? Sure, Oscar nominees can probably afford these items on their own, but it’s not every day someone gives you a free vaporizer, personalized M&Ms, and trip to Israel.

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