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Catch up on Doctor Who, watch the drama Gett, and more in our 5 shows to stream

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For cord cutters, the anticipation of watching an event live gets transferred over to the weekly dumps of content on the various video streaming platforms. What’s dropping when becomes important knowledge to have, as you organize your queue. If you don’t have time to comb through all the content coming down the series of tubes that make up the Internet, don’t worry — we do.

Here are our picks for what you should watch this week.


Amazon Prime

The premise of Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem seems innocuous enough. An Israeli woman trapped in a troubled and challenging marriage wants to get out. Trying to finalize the divorce process proves more difficult than expected, thanks to religious laws that constrain the two Israelis who now live in Morocco. The woman begins the process of a Gett, a religious divorce that must be approved by the husband and completed through a religious court instead of a secular governing body.

Then things start to get interesting. Gett is a slow burn that takes a relatable situation and spins it out into a drama that reveals more about the relationship between the husband and wife than they could ever tell on their own. The husband’s refusal to allow the Gett leads his wife down a path of painful, difficult, and absurd struggle, as she tries to escape the manipulative claws of her spouse. The process proves to be more of a trial of character than of the request, and shows how ugly scorned love can be.

Doctor Who Season 8



At this point, Doctor Who is a show that requires no introduction. The cult classic turned pop culture hit has created a huge fan base that obsesses over the Doctor, his companions, and the Tardis. The series aired through 2014 and marked the debut of the twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. During the season, all-star writers turned in 12 epic episodes that are sure to please longtime fans, while also serving as a worthwhile starting point for newcomers who can’t stop hearing about the show.

My Best Friend’s Wedding


Amazon Prime

Julia Roberts is as charming as ever in the 1997 film My Best Friend’s Wedding. In one of her most famous performances, she plays a young New York City restaurant critic upset that her friend is about to marry the wrong person. Though it probably will play as heavy on tropes now, at the time, the film subverted many of the standard romantic comedy conventions and made for a funny and smart take on the genre.

HitRECord on TV Season 1



If you’re unfamiliar with HitRECord, here’s a quick summary: It’s a collaborative website led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt that creates all sorts of artistic output with people from all over the world. 2014 marked the first run of the TV show HitRECord on TV, which featured eight themed episodes with guest stars and performers. Everything on the show content-wise — from the music and the scripts, to the cast and crew — features creatives coming together to make the magic happen.

If I Stay


Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for a film that plays on the sometimes melodramatic style of young adult novels or maybe need a good cry, If I Stay is your flick. A family on a sudden road trip gets into an terrible accident, leaving the lives of everyone in the car in question. The main character Mia has an out-of-body experience, sees the fate of some of her family members, and has to decide on her own, as she is caught between life and death. Keep your tissue box nearby.

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