A look at all the DC Comics films rumored and in development [Updated]

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Films rumored to be in development

100 Bullets


Each standalone story throughout the 100 issues of 100 Bullets begins with the enigmatic Agent Graves approaching a person that has been seriously wronged. He then gives them a gun, a dossier on the person that wronged them, and 1000 bullets that are untraceable. The series expanded to fill in the history of Graves and his agency, but at its core the series was about whether or not people would seek violent revenge if they had the means and could get away with it.

Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets was close to becoming an ongoing TV series at Showtime, with David Goyer attached as a executive producer, but the timing didn’t work out. Following a rash of mass shootings around the country, Showtime decided not to move forward. There hasn’t been much word since then, but according to a recent report discussing DC’s upcoming movie plans, 100 Bullets is one of nine films currently in development.


FablesA big screen adaptation of Bill Willingham’s comic published under the Vertigo line, about characters from fables and fairy tales living among us while fighting a cold war against a brutal empire, may head into production later this year. The script is either done or nearly so, and a Danish director Nikolaj Arcel is attached.

The success of Man of Steel may be the final thing that WB has been waiting for in regards to giving this film the final go ahead. Ironically, it may also have been helped by the success of the ABC show Once Upon a Time, which many believe was itself inspired by Fables. ABC, which owns and produces Once, initially picked up the rights to Fables for the 2009-2010 season, then shelved it and debuted Once Upon a Time in 2011. Both Bill Willingham and Once’s creators have stated that the two projects are completely separate, and there is no bad blood between them.

  • Fables is said to be one of nine DC films currently in production. How far into development the film is wasn’t revealed, but DC appears to be moving ahead, at least to some degree. [4/28/14]

The Metal Men

metal menThe Metal Men may not be the most well known of DC characters, but they have been around since the early 60s. Since then, the characters have appeared in multiple comics, cartoons, and toy series, but recently the group has been mentioned as possibly heading to the big screen thanks in part to interest from director Barry Sonnenfeld. He is not officially attached, but in the recent article that claimed nine DC pictures were in development, The Metal Men was listed by name.


Shazam W001

Shazam is one of the oldest characters currently active in DC comics, first appearing in 1939 in the pages of Fawcett Comics under the name Captain Marvel. Once he joined the DC pantheon in 1972 he retained the name, but trademark issues with Marvel Comics have since caused the character to change names. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the basic story. The character has the power to rival Superman, but beneath his muscular frame the real Shazam is a young boy named Billy Batson.

A film version of Shazam was in development with Peter Segal (Grudge Match) attached, and Dwayne Johnson rumored to be considering the role of Shazam’s arch enemy, Black Adam. The success of the Man of Steel derailed the Shazam project though, according to the director. The characters of Shazam and Superman are too close together, prompting DC to rethink their strategy. Due to the popularity of Superman, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel took priority, and Segal’s project was put on the back-burner. The film may be back on though. According to the recent article claiming DC had nine films in development, Shazam was listed by name. 

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