Unsung songwriters could get their shot on Adam Levine’s new NBC series Songland

adam levine songwriting series nbc songland voice

Songwriters, not the pop musicians themselves, are often responsible for the lyrics and melodies of those catchy new pop tunes. An upcoming new NBC series featuring pop musician and TV star Adam Levine as songwriting coach will show audiences how a song goes from an idea to the airwaves.

Detailed by The Hollywood Reporter, Songland, which will also feature Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Stewart, aims to lead aspiring songwriters who have long dreamed of a career in music into the cryptic back-room world of professional songwriting and publishing to see if they’ve got what it takes to craft a hit.

NBC’s pulling out all the stops for Songland, bringing on Audrey Morrissey, producer of Emmy-winning hit reality series The Voice, as the show’s executive producer. Adam Levine also comes to the show from The Voice, where he’s been a judge since 2011.

There’s currently just a pilot slated for the new reality series, with a yet-to-be-disclosed air date. The show is being produced by Live Animal, Dave Stewart Entertainment and Levine’s 222 Productions. Alongside executive producer Morrissey and Stewart, Live Animals’ Ivan Dudynsky and Levine’s producing partner (and former manager) Jordan Feldstein will assist on the show.

There’s no telling what will catch the attention of today’s TV audiences, but thanks to the success of The Voice, Songland’s new take on a part of the music industry that has rarely (if ever) been explored in such a fashion could give it some real “hit” potential.

And for all those struggling songwriters who have longed to create a radio smash since they picked up pen and paper, the show presents an extremely alluring new avenue to get a shot at national exposure.