Adam Sandler dodges a Razzie, escapes this year’s ‘winners’ circle

adam sandler 2013 razzie winners awards 2012

While the Oscars grabbed the majority of the entertainment headlines last night, there was a very different sort of awards ceremony going on in Hollywood, just down the street. The 34th annual Golden Raspberries, aka the Razzies, were naming their “winners” for the worst films and performances of the year, giving six out of nine awards to two films: Movie 43 and After Earth.

The big “winner” of the night was sketch comedy film Movie 43, which took home the non-honors for “Worst Screenplay,” “Worst Director” (which was given to 13 separate people), and “Worst Picture” of 2013. M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth also took home three Razzies, including “Worst Lead Actor” in Jaden Smith, “Worst Supporting Actor” for Will Smith, and “Worst Screen Ensemble” for the father/son duo in a role described in the ceremony as “stranded on Planet Nepotism.”

The rest of the awards were spread out over a handful of films. Tyler Perry pulled off something of an upset by winning the “Worst Actress” award for his portrayal of Madea in A Madea Christmas (the award notes that the winner is “Tyler Perry in drag”). The “Worst Supporting Actress” award went to Kim Kardashian in another Tyler Perry film, Tyler Perry’s Temptation. And The Lone Ranger was awarded the title of “Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel.”

The real winner of the evening, however, may be Adam Sandler, whose film Grown Ups 2 was nominated for eight of the nine categories but did not win any of them. The film only missed a nomination in the “Worst Actress” category, most likely because there is no leading female character  in the film. (Salma Hayek did earn a nomination for the “Worst Supporting Actress” for her performance in the film, though.)

The Lone Ranger can also count itself fortunate for only walking away with one Razzie. Director Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp, and the screenwriters all earned nominations, and the movie was also one of the five films nominated for the worst film of the year. After Earth, A Madea Christmas, and Grown Ups 2 were also nominated for the “honor.”