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Lady Gaga will play hotel owner in next American Horror Story installment

american horror story hotel lady gaga new details
While we already knew a lot about the sprawling cast in the latest installment of American Horror Story, during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour today, co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, along with several cast members, offered up some hot new character details about the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, reports Variety.

Lady Gaga, who was confirmed for the season back in February, will play the wealthy owner of the hotel (according to Deadline) named Elizabeth, who dabbles in bisexual tendencies, and has flings with many of the other characters. It sounds as though she’s central to the plot, as it’s confirmed that she has a “nefarious plan” that will be revealed in the first episode of the season.

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Sarah Paulson returns to the series, this time playing an addict named Sally who lives at the hotel. She has some pretty vile tendencies, but is also described as “quite sexy.” Paulson’s character butts heads with Kathy Bates’ character Iris, who runs the hotel.

Both Paulson’s and Bates’ characters have relationships of some kind with Wes Bentley’s character. Bates’ character is also somehow involved with Matt Bomer’s. Bentley plays a detective who is brought to the hotel following a series of murders. His character is married to Chloe Sevigny’s character, a mother and doctor. The matrimonial pair appear to be grieving over the loss of a loved one, though it’s unknown who (or what?) that might be. Bomer, meanwhile, plays Donovan, who seems to be connected to several cast members in a mysterious way. “He has very interesting relationships with lady folk in his life, and I’ll just leave it at that,” reveal the creators.

Angela Bassett returns as well, in the role of an actress who frequents the hotel, and who may be competing for Elizabeth’s attention with Donovan. Love triangles, all around.

A model also frequents the hotel in Finn Wittrock’s character, who has a penchant for drugs and joins the long lineup of characters who also have a thing for Elizabeth. Cheyenne Jackson is a struggling fashion icon named Drake, who, in a desperate move to re-establish himself, has relocated with his son to LA from New York.

Finally, Denis O’Hare’s character is named Liz Taylor, who appears to be inspired by the real actress of the same name, but isn’t actually a version of her. The character works in the hotel lounge, and it appears he may be playing a drag queen carrying Taylor’s moniker. Clearly, O’Hare is all in for the character, who shaved his head for the part.

There are no definitive details yet about a few other notable names that will appear in the series, including Naomi Campbell, who is a new addition, and Evan Peters who has appeared in all previous seasons in a wide variety of roles.

Murphy also revealed what provides the inspiration behind this season, namely witnessing a surveillance video from an LA hotel where a woman was seen, but then simply vanished, never to be heard from again. Indeed, the season will be filmed in LA. Might it have a similar premise?

American Horror Story: Hotel will debut on Wednesday, October 7 on FX.

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