Amy Adams is Lois Lane in Superman: The Man of Steel

amy adams is lois lane in superman the man of steel 1920 1200 apr272009Apparently undaunted by the news that pretty much every critic alive despised his recent Sucker Punch, director Zack Snyder spoke with the LA Times about the upcoming Superman: The Man of Steel. In the article, the main piece of news revolved around the casting of the female lead and primary love interest for Superman (to be played by Henry Cavill), Lois Lane.

After an exhaustive search, which at one time or another mentioned pretty much every leading lady with a pulse under the age of 40, the role has officially been offered to Oscar-nominated actress, Amy Adams (Enchanted, The Fighter).

Adams is coming off of an Oscar-nominated turn for supporting actress as the magnificently named Charlene Fleming, the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg’s character. Despite losing to fellow cast member Melissa Leo, Adams’ stock is at an all-time high in Hollywood. No exact word on the details of the contract she has been offered, but it will likely include an option for more movies, and a boatload of cash.

Details of the story are still being kept under wraps, but traditionally Lois—while not falling out of windows and/or being held captive by some nefarious bad guy with plans to rule the world or rob a bank or something—has acted as a human anchor to Superman, a character that has become almost godlike in his abilities.

The character will likely be defined by the time in which she is portrayed in regards to Superman’s life. If the plot is a true reboot and origin for Superman, she may be a flirtatious love interest for both Clark Kent and Superman (yeah, that has always been kind of weird–best not to think too much about it), and perhaps the journalist that helps to introduce Superman to the world. If the story comes later in the Superman universe, she may be his wife. Or she could go the Bryan Singer route and marry some random dude.

Adams adds to an impressive cast that includes Cavill in the title role, Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. Rumors continue to circle that Lindsey Lohan is also being considered for a sizable role, but the star’s own telanovella-like court case, that has seen the Deputy District Attorney overseeing the case arrested for drugs, and Lohan announce that she is considering dropping her last name and just going by “Lindsey”—no, seriously—may prevent her from appearing.

As for Snyder, Sucker Punch opened to a respectable $19 million, which puts it on track to recoup its $82 million budget in a relatively short period of time. Once he has has completed the press tour to promote the film, he is expected to begin work full-time on Superman: The Man of Steel.