Andrew Garfield to Become Next Spider-Man

Defying predictions, rumors, and speculation, Sony has announced that Andrew Garfield will play Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Garfield, a dual citizen of the UK and the US, is mostly unknown in the States – his biggest role coming in a small part in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. In the UK however, he has gained a reputation as a rising star for his roles in the TV miniseries Red Riding, and the critically acclaimed movie Boy A, for which Garfield won the 2008 Best Actor BAFTA for his performance.

The casting for Spider-Man has been filled with numerous stories, all saying that a different actor had the role sealed up. For awhile it was Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), and the deal was all but done according to numerous sources. Then it was Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth), who reportedly  signed a deal to wear the Spider-Man suit.

Almost miraculously, the news was officially broken by Sony itself, thwarting hundreds of rabid websites fiendishly watching every potential rumor on the new Spider-Man’s lead. The casting of Garfield came as a surprise to everyone, including Garfield himself, who was only informed 30 minutes before the official announcement by Sony.

Variety is reporting that the choice came down to three actors: Garfield, Jamie Bell (Defiance, Jumper), and Alden Enrenreich (Tetro). Hundreds were considered, and at least six actors screen-tested.

The movie will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer), and will be slated for a July 3, 2012 release in 3D.

“Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents,” Webb said at the official announcement, “He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit and humanity.”

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