Avengers: Age of Ultron opens to $44.8 million in 2 days overseas

Avengers Age of Ultron
Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for release in the United States on May 1, 2015, but some lucky fans overseas have gotten an early look. Marvel’s newest entry into the studio’s superbly successful superhero universe has clocked in at $44.8 million at the box office in the first two days of its release across 26 territories. Not only did the film pull in impressive marks, but it led the race for each country in which it was shown.

The United Kingdom proudly took first place at $5.4 million which accounted for an astonishing 84 percent of movie tickets in that time period. This represented a 40 percent increase over the first Avengers release for the U.K. It also marked the third largest Thursday in U.K. cinema history. While Furious 7 was the fastest movie of all time to break $1 billion worldwide, Age of Ultron could certainly give it a run for its money.

Expectations for its opening weekend in the U.S. are set at about $200 million. This estimate is just under the performance of The Avengers which hit $207 million for its opening weekend and currently holds the record. With any luck, though, the new film will be pushed just over the original release. Numbers are looking strong from other countries, with South Korea coming in just behind the U.K. at $4.9 million, then France at $4.4 million, Russia at $3.7 million, and Brazil and Australia at $3.4 million each.

The list goes on but the numbers are clear: Age of Ultron is set for a very strong opening. But a strong opening is a far cry from a strong run. Openings rely on that initial buzz and people scrambling to go see the new flick. Once word gets around as to whether a film is good or bad, numbers will rise and fall as consumers decide whether it’s worth the money and effort to see the film in theaters.

By the last weekend in April, Age of Ultron will be available in 55 percent of the international market, and receives its U.S. and wide release on May 1.

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