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Idris Elba makes his case for James Bond in the trailer for Bastille Day

Luther star Idris Elba has long been a popular choice among fans to take over the role of James Bond, but the British actor’s upcoming film Bastille Day might provide the best indication yet of whether he should inherit Agent 007’s license to kill.

The first international trailer for Bastille Day arrived online this week from producer StudioCanal, and the preview features Elba and Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden teaming up to stop an explosive terrorist attack in France. With plenty of tension, fast-paced action, and more than a few shots of Elba shooting first and asking questions later (and showing exactly that sort of certainty of purpose that’s a necessary quality in a James Bond), the preview for Bastille Day could serve double duty as a compelling action-thriller and a feature-length audition for Elba.

In the film, Elba plays a tough CIA agent who goes rogue after uncovering a dangerous conspiracy linked to a potential terrorist attack in France. He’s forced to team up with an American pickpocket played by Madden in order to investigate the case, and the pair soon find themselves targeted by enemies who might be rooted within the government itself.

Along with Elba and Madden as the odd-couple leads, the film co-stars Kelly Reilly (True Detective), Charlotte Le Bon (The Walk), and Alexander Cooper (The Imitation Game).

The Woman in Black filmmaker James Watkins co-directed Bastille Day with French filmmaker Jill Gage, who makes her feature directorial debut on the film. The film’s script was penned by Andrew Baldwin, who’s also attached to write the screenplay for the next Jason Bourne spinoff film starring Jeremy Renner.

There is currently no U.S. release date set for Bastille Day, but the film will hit U.K. theaters April 22.

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