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Here’s what you missed in the Batman vs. Superman teaser

Batman vs Superman
Warner Bros.
Comic book aficionados worldwide are losing their minds over the most recent teaser trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman, set for release next March. The movie’s premise, while exciting, has left many non-comic book readers scratching their heads. Check any online forum commenting on the trailer and you’ll find plenty of “I don’t get it, aren’t they both good guys?” or “How could Batman possibly stand a chance in that fight?” Well we’re here to answer some of those questions.


This newest DC movie draws heavily on a four-part comic book miniseries from 1986 called The Dark Knight Returns. The miniseries tells the tale of an older Bruce Wayne (specifically age 55 in the comics) who decides to come out of retirement and return to crime fighting. As the story goes, neither the Gotham City Police nor the United States government take kindly to this. That’s the basic gist of the story without giving too much away. Now let’s take a look at what you may have missed during the teaser.

All right, it becomes clear right away that some messianic imagery is being associated with Superman. This is an interesting approach to what might really happen if Superman came to earth, as opposed the more lighthearted acceptance of Christopher Reeve’s superman in the 1978 film.

In the scene below we see a group of soldiers kneeling before the Man from Krypton, who frankly is looking neither surprised nor terribly humbled. What you may have missed, in the very quick glimpse we got of this scene, is that the kneeling soldiers have the symbol of the house of El on their shoulders. Does Superman have his own army? Stay tuned.

Soldiers sporting the sign for the house of El kneel before Superman.
Soldiers sporting the sign for the house of El kneel before Superman.

Perhaps the Easter Egg clue that has us nerds most excited is the presence of the Riddler’s green question mark in this scene with Batman.

Batman stands somewhere in ruins.
Batman stands somewhere in ruins.

In another very specific homage to The Dark Knight Returns, we see Ben Affleck’s Batman classically framed, overlooking his city below him. What many people mistook to be an antenna atop the building, is revealed to be a rifle upon closer inspection. (The Dark Knight Returns introduces gunfire from Batman as well, though the comic stayed true to the idea that he doesn’t much like guns, as all his bullets wererubber and his rifle was separately used to shoot a grapple line between buildings).

These are just a few things you might have missed during the paralyzingly amazing teaser for Batman v. Superman. We are, of course, already getting hyped up to see more footage, which should be made available through IMAX trailers soon.

If you wanted to learn more about the possible plot for this new DC installment, and perhaps get the answers to what on earth that metal Bat-suit is for, look into The Dark Knight Returns. But we’re warning you, it’s likely to contain spoilers.

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