Battle: Los Angeles trailer

battle los angeles trailer battlelosangeles 5 535x756Ok, expect a lot of anti-LA jokes when discussing this movie. No, they may not be fair, and LA is a lovely town, but come on. It’s almost too easy not to.

Director Jonathan Liebesman (The Killing Room, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) takes us to the far away and ancient land of Los Angeles, were a whole new type of illegal alien has arrived, and they apparently don’t like humans. In the upcoming sci-fi action flick Battle: Los Angeles, Earth is under attack from an alien horde, and the fighting reaches the streets– or at least it seems to, sometimes hard to tell what is battle damage and what is just LA.

Rather than cutting our losses and giving the aliens Los Angles, then rolling out and laughing at them (suckers), the military fights back on and above the streets of LA. The movie stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena and Lucas Till as various members of the military, as well as Bridget Moynahan as a veterinarian.

Check out the trailer below, and expect to hear plenty more on the film $100 million film, which is due out on March 11, 2011.