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'The Accountant' is getting a sequel and Ben Affleck may reprise his role

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Ben Affleck is one of the most unpredictable actors in Hollywood. He has been recognized by the Razzies (Gigli, Paycheck, Daredevil), and the Oscars (Good Will Hunting, Argo); he is often charismatic and capable with the media, but also produces moments like this; and he’s constantly cropping up where you least expect to see him — like in a Batman suit. The Accountant (2016) is a prime example of the latter, but despite its seemingly silly premise, we actually found it rather entertaining/engaging. That said, it did not strike us as the sort of movie that would spawn a sequel.

As Deadline reports, however, it looks like that is exactly what it has done. Director Gavin O’Connor, writer Bill Dubuque, and Affleck are all in talks to return for the sequel and, if you are surprised to hear the news, just make like titular character and play the numbers game.

Despite a relatively modest production budget of $44 million, the original grossed $155 million. That is the kind of easy math that a studio loves to do and Warner Bros. probably did not have to think all that long or hard about moving forward with a sequel.

No word yet on whether the scene-stealing Jon Bernthal will be back, but we certainly hope so. Here is what we had to say about the actor’s performance in our review:

… it’s Bernthal’s portrayal of the charismatic killer on the trail of Affleck’s character that might be the most memorable of the movie’s second-tier players. Cool, confident, and oozing with emotion, Bernthal’s character is the polar opposite of Affleck’s accountant and manages to grab your attention in nearly every scene he’s in — even some of the shots he shares with Affleck.”

Affleck will be plenty busy as the Dark Knight in the coming months/years — with two Justice League films and a stand-alone Batman film on the horizon — but it looks like he will likely find time to squeeze this project in amid all of the caped crusading.

No word yet on what the title for this film will be, when it will release, or much of anything else at this point, but we will be sure to keep you posted.

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