Between the Streams: Capt. America verdict, internet TV boondoggle, young Han Solo

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Oh boy, Captain America: Civil War is a big movie! Did we say big? We meant giant! This week we’ll be talking about our take on the new film (or at least the one of us who saw it will), and how it brings the grandeur of superhero spectacle to epic new levels, while simmering in a way that isn’t expected from these types of team-up films. Also, how the hell did they keep track of a dozen superheroes?

And that’s just a bit of what we’re touching on.

We’re also talking about the all-but-sure choice for the forthcoming young Han Solo flick from Disney, Alden Ehrenreich. While it’s a daunting task for anyone to take on, let a lone a relative unknown, we’re discussing why this young actor may well become a familiar face in Hollywood in the next few years, thanks in big part to a break-out performance in the Cohen Brothers’ Hail Caesar.

Also, are you on the live internet TV bandwagon yet? Because it seems almost every tech company in the streaming realm (outside of Netflix and HBO) is too, including the latest new offerings from YouTube and Hulu, both of which are expected to make their arrival in 2017, for a price point of around $35-40. However, while it’s exciting to see TV go portable, outside of a few authenticated apps, just how desirable will these new services be? They’ll have fewer channels than cable, the same commercials, and a price point that may be hard to stomach for cord cutters who already have at least one or more commercial-free streaming services loaded with gobs of shows to explore.

We’re putting that question to you, our audience.

We’re also talking about Warcraft from director and David Bowie heir, Duncan Jones, and more.