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Between the Streams: Netflix and the Punisher, Comcast vs. Disney, Capt. America

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Plenty is breaking this week, especially for fans of How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, or any of the many other animated gems from DreamWorks Animation. That’s because Comcast, in a bid to become more like its nemesis Disney, purchased the animation studio and all its wares this week through its studio, NBCUniversal, for a reported $3.8 billion. It’s a very strategic move for Comcast, similar — though less monumental — to Disney’s purchase of Pixar in 2006. However, it’s not just movies Comcast is looking to get out of the deal — it’s merchandise. The company wants to use DreamWorks properties for its Universal Studios theme parks, and all the stuffed animals, key chains, and other products it will sell bearing DreamWorks characters. We dig into the topic, and talk about what it means for all involved.

Elsewhere in the world of movies, Oliver Stone has released the first full trailer for his long-anticipated film Snowden, which details the events leading up to the former NSA contractor’s famous document dump. As we all know, Snowden is still living in exile in Russia to avoid treason charges, and this film should be an interesting stirring of the hornet’s nest, reminding us just how invasive the U.S. government has become. Joseph Gordon Levitt shows off his best Snowden impersonation in the film, which is interesting in its accuracy — it almost sounds like an SNL parody, until you get used to it.

We’ll also be talking about our Highlight of the Week: Key and Peele’s first big-budget film together, Keanu. No, it’s not about the actor. The hilarious premise actually has the two funnymen chasing after a cute kitten who, for some reason, has been stolen by drug-dealing gangsters. The two regular guys go deep into the gangsta underground and, of course, mayhem ensues.

Also this week is our latest Between the Cracks, in which we chat about something out or coming out that you might have missed, excitement about the new Punisher series coming from Netflix (because, of course, it is), Capt. America’s inevitable monster weekend, and so much more. Check out our video above, or follow our podcast at the links!

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