Between the Streams: Warcraft fail, Hiddleston Bond, Apple wants Netflix

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This was another extremely packed week in the world of entertainment — there is seriously just too much good stuff to talk about, so we’ve whittled it down to just the most important and, of course, entertaining stuff we could find. First off, we’ve got some less-than-stellar reviews in for some big movies, including Warcraft, which only the super-gamers seemed to enjoy, and X-Men: Apocalypse, which looks like a tepid entry to the franchise from the rather-inconsistent Bryan Singer. Then again, while he doesn’t always knock it out of the park, he rarely makes a total dud, and the extended scene of Quicksilver in slow motion — a la X-Men: Days of Future Past — may be enough cinematic magic to be worth the ticket price on its own.

We’ve also got some pretty substantial rumors on the continuing saga of Bond Watch 2016, with new reports that Mr. Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki) is in advanced talks to replace the oft-controversial, yet always beloved Daniel Craig as the suave superspy. If Hiddleston truly does get the job he’s made no bones about greatly desiring, it begs the question about just what kind of Bond we’ll see next. Craig and director Sam Mendes’ take was a break from the Pierce Brosnan era in almost every way, creating a grittier, more realistic Bond in the tradition of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Would Hiddleston make a return to the smoother Bonds throughout the franchise, or bring his own special sauce to the mix?

And that’s just the tip of this week’s entertainment iceberg. There’s also Apple’s rumored intentions to possibly purchase Netflix (!), AMC’s Preacher (which is our highlight of the week), a fun throwback to 19th century London for our Between the Cracks pick, and the teaser for Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast film, which set YouTube on fire, and more. Follow us in the video above, or take us along for your Memorial Day adventures!