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Beyoncé and Vizio to Collaborate on New Products

beyonce-vizio1Celebrities are constantly sporting and speaking for the latest technologies, but this year at CES we are seeing more celebrity/tech company collaborations. The newest announcement on the celeb front is that Beyoncé Knowles and Vizio have teamed up to do the company’s new ad campaign and also to collaborate on new products. The agreement grants name and likeness rights to Vizio for North American advertising, product packaging, web, promotions, public relations and point of sale materials. The partnership will also allow Knowles to participate in the design and performance characteristics of new products from Vizio’s ever-expanding line of audio, visual and web-enabled products.

“Beyoncé is in an elite class of entertainers who are globally known and respected for their talent on stage and in front of the camera,” said Laynie Newsome, Co-Founder and VP Sales & Marketing Communications of Vizio. “We believe both Vizio and Beyoncé are closely aligned as American success stories who have redefined the rules in our respective industries.”

Beyoncé says she can relate to companies like Vizio, who are committed to “delivering tremendous performance at a great value” because she as a performer strives to do the same at her concerts. “As a performer, I can relate to that, because my fans spend their hard-earned money to see me perform, and I give everything I can to make sure I exceed their expectations,” says Knowles. “I’m excited to be associated with such a successful company.”

Financial terms and hints on future collaborative products of the agreement were not released.

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