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Bill Simmons to tackle sports and pop culture, drop first TV F-bomb on HBO in June

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If you’re still hurting over the fact that ESPN shut down Grantland late last year, an announcement from HBO today should go a long way in dulling the pain. The premium network has revealed the premiere date for Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, and The Sports Guy’s upcoming weekly talk show is arriving in June.

The show is slated for a 20-episode season and will feature Simmons doing what he does best: offering sharp and witty insight. The show will, of course, tackle sports, the topic for which the analyst is best known. However, Any Given Wednesday focuses more broadly on pop culture, so expect topics like arts, technology, and entertainment to be covered as well.

In addition to Simmons’ commentary, the network promises “intimate conversations with compelling guests each week” and field segments. HBO praised the concept developed by Simmons and his team, sharing that it plays to his strengths. President of HBO Programming Michael Lombardo enthusiastically talked up the host in a statement, saying that Simmons “represents a unique and distinct voice with a proven track record of challenging the norm and igniting debate and discussion on a wide range of topics.”

Simmons seems equally thrilled about his show appearing on the network, but for very different reasons. He clearly alluded to HBO’s relatively more lax content guidelines (compared to network TV), so expect him to push the envelope more than he did on ESPN. “I’m excited about the show, I’m excited about the title and I’m really, really excited to drop my first F-bomb on TV,” said Simmons in a statement. “We are going to figure out nudity down the road, as long as it’s tasteful.”

Part of Simmons’ multiyear deal with HBOAny Given Wednesday premieres June 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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