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HBO’s Bradley Cooper-produced ‘Black Flags’ explores the rise of Islamic State

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To many, the Islamic State seemed to appear in the public eye out of nowhere in the recent past, leaving questions as to just how the terrorist organization amassed so much destructive power in only a handful of years. Those answers will be found in HBO’s upcoming miniseries Black Flags, to be produced by Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips, Deadline reports.

The miniseries will be an adaptation of Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS, a nonfiction book by Joby Warrick. The 2016 Pulitzer Prize winner explores the group’s beginnings, starting in a prison in Jordan, and its evolution into a global threat. Warrick also delves into counterterrorist efforts, including the American and international operatives at the forefront of the battle against Islamic State.

The origins of the miniseries, on the other hand, trace back to Cooper. The actor read Warrick’s book and reportedly knew right away that he wanted to bring it to the small screen as a limited series. Cooper and Phillips, both of whom are executive producing, went so far as to fly to the author’s hometown to convince him in person to collaborate on the project.

Warrick wasn’t the only one intrigued by their ideas. Gregg Hurwitz, who has written comic books, crime novels, and penned numerous screenplay adaptations, also signed on for the miniseries; he is set to write the screenplay as well as executive produce. Meanwhile, director Tim Van Patten, who has worked on HBO hits like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, will also executive produce, on top of helming the project.

It is unclear how soon the miniseries could arrive on the premium network, but given the havoc Islamic State has wreaked just in the past several months, it seems safe to assume that the focus of Black Flags will still be very much in the public consciousness.

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