Bradley Cooper sought for the role of the Flash

bradley cooper sought for the role of flash

The superhero gravy train continues to roll through Hollywood, and the next superhero to head to the big screen may be DC’s the Flash. If a report from Moviehole is accurate, Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, A-Team) might be the man behind the speedster’s cowl.

DC has been taking a different tact to its superhero properties from rival Marvel, which is creating a series of movies that exist in the same universe. While this might make it more difficult to bring the DC heroes together for a possible Justice League movie to rival Marvel’s The Avengers, it does give them the freedom to take their time with the properties and release films under a different time table.bradley cooper sought for the role of flash md new

The next DC movie to hit the theaters will be Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds. Following that, a third Batman is on the way from Christopher Nolan, who is also working with director Zack Snyder on the Superman reboot. The next movie in the pipeline may be The Flash, and a script may be completed as early as Christmas of this year. Assuming the script is approved by Warner Bros, the role may then be offered to Cooper, who sources say is highly regarded by both Warner and DC, and was the runner-up for the role of Green Lantern.

The report also claims that a script for Green Lantern 2 is due around the same time.

For those that are late to the comic book game, the Flash is a man that gained speed abilities following a lab accident. Several people have donned the cowl in the long history of the comic, from the original Golden Age version of Jay Garrick, to the Silver Age incarnation of Barry Allen, who was then followed by Wally West. It is not known which version of the Flash would make it to the screen, but good money is on the Barry Allen version.

Of course, this isn’t the first we have heard about a potential Flash movie. Earlier reports had Ryan Reynolds lined up to play the role, before that version of the project died and Reynolds went on to accept the Green Lantern job. But with superheroes the big dollar draw right now, the Flash may very well be on the way to the big screen sooner rather than later.