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Bryan Cranston is back in the drug world in Pablo Escobar flick ‘The Infiltrator’

Bryan Cranston was the drug kingpin in Breaking Bad, and now he is the man trying to take one down in The Infiltrator. Broad Green Pictures today released a new trailer, showing Cranston and co-star John Leguizamo as DEA agents in the 1980s who go undercover to bring down Pablo Escobar’s drug empire.

It seems that Hollywood can’t get enough of Escobar. The so-called King of Cocaine and his infamous cartel have been portrayed in numerous film and TV projects over the years, including 2001’s Blow, 2014’s Escobar: Paradise Lost, and the Netflix series Narcos, which premiered last year. Even Entourage character Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) starred as Escobar in the fictional film Medellin.

In The Infiltrator, two undercover narcotics agents, Robert (played by Cranston) and Emir (Leguizamo), are assigned to what the DEA hopes will be the biggest bust in history. The two decide to try a novel approach: chasing the money to find the bad guys instead of following the drugs. To do so, Cranston poses as a money launderer so that he can work his way into Escobar’s organization.

Needless to say, it is a dangerous play. Cranston and Leguizamo’s characters are shown in high-stress situations throughout the trailer as they start to get close to Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt), one of Escobar’s top guys. Pulling off the sting means putting themselves around men with no loyalty, and quick trigger fingers, as the trailer points out.

Incidentally, Cranston and Leguizamo have teamed up before for a film involving another investigation. The duo starred in 2011’s The Lincoln Lawyer, a film in which Cranston played a detective. Their Infiltrator cast mates also include Diane Kruger, Yul Vazquez, Juliet Aubrey, and more.

The Infiltrator hits theaters on July 13.

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