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You can now own Buffalo Bill’s home from Silence of the Lambs

buffalo bill home for sale
Potential home-buyers: Do we have the listing for you! A beautiful, three-story, four-bedroom Victorian in Fayette County, PA, with a lovely porch, a nice, big front yard, and a basement with a handy well for sound-proofing screams. Previous owner goes by the name of Buffalo Bill. Phone: 555-5555. Asking price: $300,000 or your best offer.

In all seriousness, the couple that lent their home to the production of the classic thriller Silence of the Lambs (1991) has put the house on the market and no, it doesn’t actually include a dungeon and a well. That bit of the film was shot on a sound stage and, in reality, this is just a quaint old home being sold by a nice, happily married (presumably non-psychotic) couple.

Scott and Barbara Lloyd, both 63 and retired, are entering the next phase in their lives. “I’m too old to take care of her [the house] anymore,” Scott Lloyd told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, and his wife Barbara added, “we got married in this home, we raised our son in this home, but we are ready to move on.”

So, if you don’t scare easily, and you’re in the market, take a look. Or maybe you do scare easily. Realtor Dianne Wilk, of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is in charge of the listing and believes its haunting history may be a selling point. “People love to be scared,” she said. “I could see somebody doing something fun with this.”

While Buffalo Bill was a fictional serial killer, those who have seen Silence of the Lambs may have a little trouble getting comfortable in this place. Either way good luck to whoever ends up with the  house  … just don’t expect to see us at any of your cocktail parties. 

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