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Marvel, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ get parodied in the newest Honest Trailer

Captain America: Civil War was no joke at the box office when it opened in May, but Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers series is poking fun at the superhero flick anyway. The online movie magazine dropped its latest parody video today, mocking the recent addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like the Honest Trailers before it, the one for Captain America: Civil War points out issues with the plot. In this case, Screen Junkies highlights problems with the franchise itself as well, including the “mindless action,” low stakes, villains that “kinda suck,” and “incoherent plan.” The good aspects get some focus as well, from the fact that Captain America is still a “beefcake” to the introduction of Tom Holland, aka “the best version of Spider-Man,” according to the new video.

Luckily, the aforementioned action provides a good distraction from some of the film’s weaker elements. The narrator takes advantage of this, hilariously calling for the airport fight scene when he uncovers something negative. The villain’s plot is ridiculous, you say? Show more from the tarmac!

While revisiting Captain America: Civil War, the video also points out how moviegoers responded differently to it than they did to the DC Extended Universe flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As Screen Junkies highlights by providing a plot summary with side-by-side clips, the films weren’t all that different.

“So go enjoy the hero-versus-hero movie that everyone loved, instead of the hero-versus-hero movie that most everyone hated, even though they’re a lot more similar than anyone would like to admit,” says the narrator.

For all the two movies’ similarities and differences, Marvel scored a win with Captain America: Civil War. The film took the franchise’s baton and set it up for still more spinoffs, so we can expect more action — and probably more Honest Trailers — in the future.

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