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Carpool Karaoke with Gwen Stefani amps up the star power as two A-listers hitch a ride

Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke (w/ Surprise Guests)
The latest edition of James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke segment features Gwen Stefani. But that’s not all. As Corden finds himself approaching an unexpected HOV carpool lane that requires four people to use, he calls up two A-list actors to join the vocalizing.

While Stefani occupies the front hot seat, belting out some of her biggest past and current hits, it’s the addition of George Clooney, followed by Julia Roberts, that makes this edition arguably the most star-studded to date.

Sadly, the 14-minute video underwhelms in terms of the actual content, featuring far more singing than talking. First, Stefani and Corden sing along to tunes like Don’t Speak, Rich Girl, and Used to Love You. You won’t get the details on the singer’s recent divorce nor the budding romance with her former The Voice co-judge and country singer Blake Shelton — though she does acknowledge the relationship and admits she was “falling in love.” But conversation beyond that is limited to talk of Stefani’s apparent failure to age, her love of emojis, and the words to a particularly rapid section of the song The Sweet Escape.

Once he pulls over to call Clooney, however, who then calls Roberts, a full-on karaoke session begins. The quartet excitedly sing Stefani’s hit song Hollaback Girl, enthusiastically screaming “ba-na-nas,” then discussing the potential meaning behind the somewhat silly lyrics. Hint: Clooney thinks it has to do with cat-calling construction workers.

Corden does get the group misty-eyed when he inquires about the actors’ favorite lines from movies they’ve done.

It ends with a little bit of Queen to close off the ride before Corden pulls in to work.

Carpool Karaoke has become a viral sensation as part of the talk show Late Night With James Corden, featuring high-profile guests like Adele, Chris Martin, Justin Bieber, and Elton John as they accompany him to work so he can use the carpool lane. While this one doesn’t quite bring the same level of laughs as some of others, who wouldn’t want to see the dapper Clooney singing “this shit is bananas?”

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