Holy Legos! Batman's Lego Batmobile debuts in Detroit

What would the Dark Knight be without his ride? Well, just another dude wearing a black costume with a cape, mask, and pointy ears. After all, as Val Kilmer’s Batman once said, “Chicks dig the car.” As so it makes perfect sense that in The Lego Batman Movie (February 10) the Caped Crusader will have a cool ride, too.

Chevrolet unveiled a life-sized version of the Lego Batmobile on Saturday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. According to Mashable, the car is “roughly 17 feet long, created by students from the Detroit community in conjunction with student outreach organizations A World in Motion and First Lego League.”

The Lego Batmobile is loaded with cool tech, as you would expect. Chevy created a website for the life-sized vehicle, too. Some of the car’s (fictional) features include a “reality-defying 60.2L V100 engine,” flaming rocket boosters (got to have those, they date back to Adam West in the 1960s), 4G LTE Wi-Fi, automatic nerd alert, side Batwing conversion, high-tensile, projectile-proof armored side panels, and driver-centric bulletproof glass.

Pursuit is always tricky when you’re piloting the Batmobile. Shift into one of three different modes, depending on the situation, or who might be chasing you at that moment: race mode, monster-truck mode, or parallel park mode, “which provides lateral movement for easy parking by turning all four wheels a full 90 degrees.” That should come in handy in parking-challenged Gotham City. Maybe Robin will even get to drive it — this one comes with a dual-seat cockpit. When Christian Bale had his turn he asked, “Does it come in black?” Yep, 13 different shades, including carbon black and noir black.

Only a guy like Bruce Wayne can afford a car like this. The cost is $48,000,000 for his one … a drop in the bucket when you own Wayne Industries, after all.

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