Check out the new Sucker Punch trailer

check out the new sucker punch trailer suckerpunch

Before director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) heads off to risk his career by filming the next Superman flick, he first will take us to a world where dragons exist, WWI trenches go on forever, and giant gatling-gun wielding samurai want to kill adorable young girls. That place is 1950s Vermont.

Sucker Punch is the story of a young girl named Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning), who is trying to escape her evil stepfather, but instead lands in a mental institution in Vermont where she is scheduled for a lobotomy in five days. She begins to escape into a world of imagination, and soon discovers that with the help of her fellow inmates, the lessons she learns in the imaginary world might help her escape her real predicament. Along the way, the walls between what is real and what is part of the dream-like world begin to blur.

The film features a fairly stellar cast of both up and comers like Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jena Malone, as well as bigger names such as Caral Gugino, Jon Hamm, and Scott Glenn. Sucker Punch is due out on March 25, 2011.