Check Out the New Trailer for The Goon Animated Movie

check out the new trailer for goon animated movie goonposter flat

From cult comic to animated movie, what a long strange trip it has been for Eric Powell’s The Goon. Originally debuting in March 1999 through Avatar Press, The Goon quickly gained a small, but intensely loyal following. The self-published comic soon grabbed the attention of Dark Horse Comics, who have been publishing the title since 2003.

The story and the exact release date are both still being kept under wraps (the movie is due out sometime in 2011), but the story in the comic follows The Goon (who will be voiced by Clancy Brown in the movie), and Franky aka Francesca (voiced by Paul Giamatti), who are fighting The Zombie Priest, a mysterious occult practitioner who builds an army of zombies.

Check out the trailer below for the movie that is being produced by David Fincher and animated by the award-winning Blur Studio, who is primarily known for its animated shorts.