Watch: Chelsea Handler talks fidelity with Ashley Madison founder… and his wife

With Chelsea Handler’s Netflix documentary series, Chelsea Does …, coming in the new year, the streaming service has released a new clip to boost interest, wisely touching on a topic that captured national attention in 2015. In the short sneak peak, the comedian sits down with Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, an affairs dating website whose data was infamously hacked and dumped this summer. In her usual no-nonsense way, Handler discusses Biderman’s marriage and even doles out some love advice.

The clip shows Handler talking to Biderman and his wife, Amanda, about their relationship and how they don’t cheat. To the surprise of the host, Biderman jumps in to add, “Not yet.” He goes on to explain his belief that “you’re better off straying” if the alternative is leaving.

When they delve further into the topic, she starts to build a hypothetical about him cheating on his wife, adding, “I hope that doesn’t happen.” When Biderman adds, “I hope so to,” though, she gets annoyed. “What do you mean, you hope so too?” Handler asks. “Just say that it won’t happen, and then don’t f*cking do it.”

The clip only offers viewers a portion of the conversation, but it looks like it’ll be an interesting one. Although Biderman’s wife isn’t shown responding to his comments, her facial expressions definitely don’t show her looking very happy. On top of that, Handler’s reactions are bound to continue to be entertaining. Who knows what kind of other advice she’ll offer?

The documentary series will explore marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drug use over the course of the four planned episodes. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be unfiltered, intriguing, and at least a little inappropriate — just as Handler fans would expect.

Chelsea Does … premieres on Netflix on January 23.

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