Christoph Waltz could play the Bond villain that inspired Austin Powers nemesis Dr. Evil

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Just a few weeks after an unconfirmed report suggested that Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds actor Christoph Waltz would play the lead villain in the next James Bond movie, a new report suggests he’ll play a character that should be very familiar to fans of the franchise.

According to The Daily Mail, which initially reported that Waltz was up for the lead villain role, the two-time Oscar winner is likely to suit up as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, one of the British superspy’s most memorable enemies. The outlet reports that Waltz will be the latest actor to play the role of the bald, feline-loving, henchman-abusing diabolical mastermind, who has had a role (sometimes unseen) in six of the canonical James Bond films.

Previously played by Donald Pleasence (pictured), Telly Savalas, and Charles Gray throughout his various appearances, Blofeld is the criminal mastermind who leads the organization SPECTRE — the criminal group that opposes the British Secret Service and Bond. Often seen petting his pet cat while outlining his latest plan for world domination, Blofeld was the inspiration for Mike Myers’ recurring “Dr. Evil” character in the Austin Powers franchise that parodied James Bond films.

It’s worth noting that the presence of Blofeld in the film — and the casting of Waltz, for that matter — remain entirely unconfirmed at this point, so this could all be nothing more than grist for the rumor mill.

The still-untitled next installment of the James Bond franchise is scheduled to hit theaters November 6, 2015. Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, with Skyfall filmmaker Sam Mendes also returning as director.