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Colin Trevorrow laughs off petition to let George Lucas helm Star Wars: Episode IX

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Over 21,000 people have signed a petition calling for Disney to replace Colin Trevorrow with Star Wars creator George Lucas as the director of Episode IX, but the Jurassic World director doesn’t seem bothered by the push. He discussed the petition in a new interview with ET Online, calling it “funny” and highlighting the respect he has for the man the petition refers to as the “father of the franchise.”

Three directors were lined up for the current Star Wars trilogy, with J.J. Abrams kicking it off (very successfully, we might add), Rian Johnson taking on Episode VIII, and then Trevorrow wrapping up the trio of films. Star Wars: The Force Awakens proved to be a box office mega-hit, breaking Avatar’s domestic box office record, and Johnson has reportedly written a script so good it made Abrams wish he were helming the next installment as well. Trevorrow hasn’t had a chance to make his mark yet, but the petition argues that a Lucas-directed film would be the better way to conclude the trilogy and provide “an epic farewell.”

While Trevorrow may not be the director some fans want, he seems to have a ton of respect for Lucas and promises to “embrace that kind of invention and creativity that he brought” to Star Wars. “When George Lucas made Star Wars, a lot of people thought it was crazy,” he said, pointing out how ludicrous a plot involving a character with a “part robot” for a father, a Wookiee as a friend, and the ability to do “magic” sounds. “But it’s the greatest story ever told,” he said.

Fans will hopefully be pacified by Trevorrow’s words because Lucas’ split from the franchise seems pretty definite. Not only did he sell the intellectual property rights and Lucasfilm to Disney, he recently talked about dealing with it like a breakup and moving on. He even used a metaphor involving “white slavers” before apologizing and clarifying that he consciously chose Disney to be the “custodians” of the franchise.

Episode IX, directed by Trevorrow, is due to hit theaters in 2019.

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