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Cowboy Bebop short, The Lost Session, teases Netflix adaptation

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most anticipated Netflix series of the fall, even among those who aren’t familiar with the original — and unforgettable — 1998 sci-fi anime series. The incredibly stylized show is set in a future where humanity has expanded far beyond Earth and bounty hunters called “Cowboys” roam the stars hunting criminals. Spike Spiegel (John Cho) may be the best Cowboy in the galaxy, and now a new “Netflix Special Presentation” short called The Lost Session has given fans another glimpse of Spike and his cowboy crew.

The name of Spike’s ship is the Bebop, and his partner is Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir). Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) wasn’t originally part of their crew, but managed to muscle her way onto their team to become a valuable member. Their respective backstories may be changed for the live-action series, but their dynamic is still intact in the new teaser from Netflix.

Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser “Lost Session” | Netflix

Netflix notes that this teaser doesn’t actually contain any footage from the show itself. Instead, it simply captures the flavor of the series as Spike, Jet, and Faye chase down a dangerous bad guy in the hope of earning their bounty. The teaser also has a very loose grasp on reality and plays as if it really is a live-action cartoon. Spike even uses the screen barrier as a weapon at one point.

Amid some of the comedic banter, there’s a moment when Spike recalls his troubled past. That’s something that was a key part of the anime, and it will also be explored in this series. At the very end, the video provides a first look at the Bebop. It’s an impressive visual, and a sign that the show could provide the same impact as the original anime.

The cast of Cowboy Bebop.

Alex Hassell also stars in the series as Vicious, Spike’s former partner before he became his greatest adversary. Elena Satine will appear as Julia, the femme fatale who got between Spike and Vicious, and who continues to weave her own web of deceit. Additional members of the cast include Tamara Tunie, Adrienne Barbeau, Josh Randall, Geoff Stults, Molly Moriarty, and Rachel House.

Cowboy Bebop was developed by André Nemec, and it will premiere on Netflix on November 19.

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