Daniel Radcliffe will head to Quantico as FBI agent in Imperium

daniel radcliffe imperium casting

Daniel Radcliffe’s days of battling Lord Voldemort are long behind him, but the actor’s latest role will have him fighting another force of evil: domestic terrorism. Deadline reports that Radcliffe is slated to play an FBI agent in the upcoming crime thriller Imperium. His character will go undercover to stop white supremacists from building a bomb.

Imperium is based on real-life events, focusing on the career of Michael German, an FBI agent who went deep undercover with neo-Nazi and militia groups within the United States. Radcliffe will take on the role of Mr. German, whose covert work spanned multiple years. We expect the script to be very accurate, given that German himself co-wrote it with Daniel Ragussis, the movie’s director. This will be Ragussis’ first time helming a feature-length film. Producers Ty Walker, Dennis Lee, and Simon Taufique are also attached to the Atomic Features and Tycor International Film Company project.

Since the Harry Potter franchise launched Radcliffe’s career in 2001, he’s kept extremely busy. He’s taken on everything from theater to voice acting, as well as starring in several non-Potter-related films. Over the years, the British actor’s résumé has grown impressively varied, with roles ranging from comedy to horror, drama, and action.

Most recently, he appeared in Trainwreck, a comedy with an ensemble cast led by Amy Schumer. His next film, Victor Frankenstein, a horror adaptation of Frankenstein, will open in theaters on Nov. 25. Radcliffe is currently filming Swiss Army Man, an indie comedy, and he’s also been cast as the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser, in the Grand Theft Auto movie.

Radcliffe will somehow find time to film Imperium in the fall. No release date has been announced yet.