Get a sneak peek at Daredevil season 2, fresh from NYC Comic Con

Netflix shared a new Daredevil season 2 teaser at New York Comic Con, and thankfully, attendees aren’t the only ones who get to see it. The short preview is only 30 seconds, but it manages to intrigue, as well as give fans a first (if ever so brief) look at the Punisher (played by Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung).

After pushing through a minute and a half of recap and hype from season 1, the new teaser shows Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in a church pew with Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) and Froggy (Elden Henson). “Why do I still feel guilty?” we hear Matt ask Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie). “Guilt can be a good thing,” the priest responds. “It’s the soul’s call to action, the indication that your work is not yet finished.”

As Father Lantom advises, we’re given short bursts from the season to come, and it’s enough to get any Daredevil fan’s adrenaline spiking. We see Elektra covering part of her face, Claire (Rosario Dawson) at the hospital, the police investigating a crime scene at what appears to be the same hospital, and the Punisher armed and striding through the hallways of — you guessed it — the hospital. The screen cuts to black, and someone (presumably the Punisher) says, “bang!” (Yes, the teaser literally ends with a bang.)

Unfortunately for fans, we still have a long wait before Daredevil returns for season 2. It won’t be back until 2016, but in the meantime, there will be an entire season of Jessica Jones to watch starting Nov. 20. The two series are part of a four-pack of Marvel shows for Netflix that will ultimately unite to form the cross-over series The Defenders.

App Store tweeted the Daredevil season 2 preview, which starts around the 1:35 mark below after the season 1 “sizzle reel.”

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