WWE star Batista reportedly eyed for a new iconic James Bond villain role

dave bautista rumored james bond villain role drax guardians of the galaxy

Back in August 2014, it was rumored that the next James Bond movie was looking to cast a new henchman role intended to become the next iconic villain in the franchise’s storied history. A new report suggests that the studio has found its man: Guardians of the Galaxy and The Man With The Iron Fists actor (and former professional wrestler) Dave Bautista.

According to an unconfirmed (and therefore entirely unofficial at this point) casting report on Latino Review, Bautista has landed the role of “Hinx,” an assassin who will reportedly tussle with James Bond (Daniel Craig) on several occasions during the upcoming film. No stranger to tough-guy roles, Bautista is best-known to mainstream audiences as the actor who portrayed green-skinned brute Drax the Destroyer in the recent Marvel Studios movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the original, rumored casting call for the role, the studio was reportedly looking for “someone extremely physically fit and over 6′ 2″ . . . Former sports athletes will be under consideration along with anyone ‘very unusual.'” Given Bautista’s physical attributes and sports background, he certainly fits the bill for the role — and as one of Hollywood’s recent rising stars, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to see him land a noteworthy part like this.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that the studio hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, so it could all end up being the stuff of rumor in the end. Even so, it makes for intriguing speculative fodder for movie fans.

The next installment of the James Bond franchise is expected to begin filming later this year, and arrive in theaters November 6, 2015.