Digital Trends’ 10 favorite viral videos

Digital Trends 10 favorite viral videos cruise chaosIt has been a good run, but this week marks the final installment of our weekly “Top 5 viral videos”. Turns out that we covered every single video on the internet. Huh, who knew? But we wanted to send the segment off with style, so we talked around the office, and came up with 10 of our personal favorite viral videos to be found on the intertubes. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Asimo Robot Fails, Seppuku to Follow

Asimo was meant to be the pride of Honda’s burgeoning robotic line. It would usher in a new industry, and then when the moment for it to impress the world came, it failed. If you were curious as to where this took place, it was definitely not America—there are no cheers or laughter and nobody is pointing at it. Instead, a polite silence falls, which can only mean it was filmed in Japan. Following the incident, Asimo was given the choice to live on in shame, or commit seppuku–ritual suicide. If you are wondering which option it took, ask yourself—have you seen Asimo lately?

Charlie the Unicorn Heads to Candy Mountain

Unbelievably, against all logic, this video about Charlie the Unicorn and his obnoxious–and possibly retarded companions—has received nearly 58 million views. If each view was one person, the Charlie the Unicorn video would be the 24th largest country in the world, just behind Italy. If one dollar was given per view, it would be worth more than LeBron James’ mansion. What many don’t know is that the studio budget of this clip was $62 million, so despite a healthy international take, Charlie the Unicorn was considered a box-office flop.

Cruise Ship Lounge Meets Gravity

You know how cruise ships these days always seem to advertise a luxurious experience while on the romantic seven seas? Every now and then, nature disagrees.

Evo vs. iPhone 4

Besides just being funny and offering a scathing look at Apple fans, the video below took on a life of its own. The clip’s creator, a Best Buy employee, was fired for posting it, and it helped to launch the “xtra normal” genre—clips where you write the text and blocky figures–sometimes adorable animals, sometimes President Obama and a hooker (Google it on your own time, people)–act it out. The genre has had its day and refuses to die, but this video is still among the best of the best.

[Warning: The following video contains language that is NSFW]

The History of Dance in Six Minutes

Even if you don’t realize it, odds are that you have seen this clip. After all, it has been viewed over 172 million times. Go ahead and try to wrap your head around that number. And in the five years since the video debuted, the star, Judson Laipply has gone on to…well…probably do something neat. Internet fame is a fleeting thing.

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